July 16, 2008

For Starters

I started this blog to catalog and share the recipes that I use on a daily basis. Since cooking is my major hobby, I wanted an easy way to inform my friends and family of what I am doing in the kitchen. I will post my old stand-bys (the dishes I turn to time and time again) and any new recipes that I decide to try out. I thought that a blog format would be the best way to sift through my collection of tested and untested menu items. I typically use the Internet, cookbooks, family recipes, friends' recipes, and dishes that I have created myself to comprise our family meals. I often cook by throwing things together to see what happens. If it is a successful dish, then I go back and write an official recipe. You will recognize these original recipes by the word 'surprise' or my first name somewhere in the title (i.e. Jen's Beef Stew Surprise). Since not everything turns out exactly the way I want it all the time, I sometimes have disastrous (but comical) errors. On those nights we dine on hot dogs. I hope you, dear reader, find my blog both useful and entertaining. Enjoy!

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