August 19, 2008

Jen's Pork Chop and Mushroom Gravy Surprise

Tonight's dinner will be a total surprise. This is one of my creative concoctions that is born out of necessity. My nieces are with me again today, and we are going to have to take them back to my in law's later this afternoon (probably around dinner time). Since timing is an issue for us this evening, I decided to employ the use of my trusty slow cooker.
I had some pork chops that I found in the freezer (from who knows when) and my friend Laura gave me bag of fresh, sliced, button mushrooms that she couldn't really use. I cooked the mushrooms about two days ago, since I was afraid they would not keep for very long. I sauteed them in olive oil with salt, pepper, and thyme. I added a splash of white wine and about a 1/2 cup of chicken stock in with the 'shrooms and let the mixture reduce down. Once I thought they looked like they were ready, I let them cool, packaged them up, and saved them in the fridge. I was not sure how I was going to use my newly cooked mushrooms, but I knew I would think of something. The pork chops caught my eye this morning, so I figured I could pair the mushrooms with the pork chops somehow. I thawed the frozen pork chops, hoping I would think of a way to prepare them. I really could not think of anything, so I decided I would wing it. I waited until all the kids were sleeping, then I made my move.

There is really no recipe, since I literally threw ingredients into the crock pot that sounded like they would be good together. I will serve my creation with some steamed green beans, as a side dish. Wish us luck! I will report back tonight and let you know how it goes.

Jen's Pork Chops and Mushroom Gravy Surprise
4 bone in pork chops
1 cup of cooked button mushrooms (see above for details)
1 jar of mushroom brown gravy (I used Heinz brand)
1/4 cup of water
1/3 cup of chicken stock
paprika to taste (a decent pinch)
dry mustard powder to taste (a few shakes)
onion powder to taste (a decent pinch)
minced, dried onions to taste (a decent pinch)
garlic powder to taste (a decent pinch)
salt and pepper to taste (use your imagination)

Place all ingredients in a slow cooker and stir lightly to combine. Cook on high for 4 1/2 hours. Add more liquid during cook time, if needed. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Serve pork chops and gravy over egg noodles or white rice.

Jen's Notes:
At the end of cooking, I am going to try and make a creamy gravy by adding some sour cream. Since I am not sure how I am going to specifically accomplish this little task, I will post the final instructions in my result post later.

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