August 24, 2008

The Result: Emeril's Mood Beef

Oh man, did Emeril's dish deliver! It was so good!!!! It took a long time to cook, but the process was very easy to follow. It was delicious. The husband and I both had seconds, and the boy gobbled it up. The consistency was like a thick tomato sauce, chock full of flavor. The meat was fork tender, and the dried pasta cooked in the sauce to a perfect al dente texture. It was so satisfying! This dish conjures up images of an Italian (or rather a Portuguese) household with a big pot of rich sauce simmering on the stove, all day long. Absolutely fantastic.

It is probably worth mentioning that this dish would be better suited for a winter meal. The overall feeling of the recipe screams "cold weather food". It was very hearty, and it seems to warm you from the inside out. Maybe not as much fun in the middle of summer, but still great nonetheless. I am definitely going to make this recipe again during cooler temperatures. Emeril rocks!

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