August 20, 2008

The Result: Korean BBQ Short Ribs

I am going to make this post a little short tonight. I know, I know....I am robbing you of my fascinating anecdotal commentary. Please don't cry out in anguish....please do not rise up in a riotous mob...please do not picket or protest or anything else unpleasant. I am sorry to disappoint my throngs of blog fans...well, maybe just my mom. Hi, mom.

I was really pleased with the slow cooker application of this recipe, and the overall flavor of the dish. I think that I would have had a better outcome if I had used a different cut of meat. The 3 short ribs I had were a little too fatty, so that took away from the final result. I think a chuck roast/pot roast would be perfectly suited for this dish. Another great variation would be chicken. In my esteemed opinion, this recipe is worthy of a try. Next time I will just use a better quality short rib or a another cut of meat.

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claireknightly said...

I check your blog every day! I think my mom does, too. So that's at least three people including your mom. ;)