September 14, 2008

The Result: Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos

Bienvendidos! After several thorough hand-washings, I am feeling a little more level this evening. I am still reeling from the assault on my senses that was the Mexican grocery store experience. I am almost back to normal, but for some reason I now have a strange desire to keep a fighting rooster as a pet/roommate. Huh.

So, we thought the Green Chile Chicken Soft Tacos were awesome! Everyone here could not get enough of them. I did not think they were all that spicy, but my perception of what is spicy and what is not spicy is very skewed. My husband thinks that there is something wrong with me...especially when I drink hot sauce straight from the bottle. I have issues. Anyway, I will definitely make these again since they were a huge hit at our house.

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