October 2, 2008

Grilled BBQ Steak, Potatoes, and Steamed Veggies

Today I am having a bunch of kids and moms over for a MOMS Club event that I am hosting. I need dinner to be super-easy (without a long preparation time), because the event is scheduled for later this afternoon. Again, fast and simple is what's required in this situation. Luckily, this meal is about as easy as you can get...grilling is always a good solution.

There is not a recipe for this one, more of a technique. I put thawed steaks in a gallon sized zip-top bag with some bottled BBQ sauce. I let the steaks marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours before cooking. We let the meat come up to room temp right before grilling, then the husband takes care of the rest. I will microwave "baked" potatoes and steam some frozen veggies. That's it! I still have not decided what veggies I will make tonight, but that is not an issue. I typically do not decide until I start cooking, anyway.

The Result:
This was meal was simple, straight-forward, and yummy. I ended up serving a mixture of peas and corn for our veggie, which was a nice treat (we don't eat either very often). Overall, this was a good, solid, all-American meal!

By the way...I want to point out that it seems like I make a huge amount of food for dinner (i.e. three big steaks and four potatoes, plus veggies). Usually, our meals pull double and triple duty. I always make extra food for lunches the next day or so, for the husband and I. It totally helps us save on our food budget! SO...in case you were wondering...that is why I make a ton of food for dinner. I didn't want anyone to think we are pigs, or lumberjacks, or Sasquatches, or anything else with huge insane appetites!!!

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