January 13, 2009

Claire's Chicken and Yellow Rice

We have busy afternoon planned...if I can ever get my son to take a nap. It seems like on the days when we have an activity scheduled, he resists nap-taking like the plague. Seriously, I hate it. I know that if he does not nap he will be crazy, thus making whatever fun thing I have lined up more hellish than pleasurable. Ugh. Kids! He is lucky he is cute.

Anyway, since I have stuff to do after nap time today, I planned a super-easy dinner. Seriously, this dinner is delicious and it is about as easy as it gets. I found it on my friend Claire's blog a few weeks ago and tried it out. It is so yummy and quick; I can confidently say that it is probably my new favorite 'go-to' dinner. The best part is that it is a pretty complete, one-pot meal. All I have to do is steam some veggies as a side dish and dinner is ready.
Below is the link to my previous post...there is no point in re-typing everything. After all, I need to go get my supposedly napping toddler to stop jumping on his bed while making train whistle noises. Who has time for re-typing recipes?!?! Thanks again for the great idea, Claire!

Claire's Chicken and Yellow Rice

I am looking forward to having this recipe again tonight!

The Result:
Sometimes, I really dislike the fact that I am a label reader. For example, I was cooking dinner and the saffron rice mix packet was innocently laying on the counter. I was getting a little bored waiting for my water to boil, and I started reading away. Big mistake. The rice that I use for this recipe has MSG in it. MSG! I was happier without knowing that info. I love this dish, but to find out that there is MSG present is a definite buzz-kill. Sigh. So, despite my affection for this recipe, I will have to reserve it for desperate "need to get dinner on the table NOW" nights...only once in a blue moon. Ugh. I am sad. Darn MSG! I can't in good conscience keep making this dish all the time, given what we know about how horrible MSG is for you. Alas, I will reserve it for 'every once in a while' occasions vs. and 'all the time' meal. I am not ready to give it up completely, but I will now think twice about making it for dinner. Also, I learned that I can't relax with the whole 'label-reading' thing while grocery shopping. I have not been as diligent with that practice as I should be, lately. I am wondering how many of my other recent purchases have objectionable ingredients lurking in them. Sigh. I guess I cannot relax. I was lulled by the ease and thrifty nature of convenience foods. I will just have to do a better job in the future!

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JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I love yellow rice! Looks like a great choice for dinner!