January 28, 2009


We still have a full meal-sized portion of my Mock Coq Au Vin leftover. I think all the original chicken pieces has been taken, but I can work around that. We still have a ton of sauce, veggies, and noodles in the fridge. I think I am just going to reheat the sauce and combine it with cooked, canned chicken and then serve it over the leftover egg noodles. I was going to try and change it into soup or something, but I really don't have the desire to even attempt that little feat. I have other things to get done today, and I really don't want to put much energy into leftovers. This dish was so good the first time, I think a repeat of the original version will be yummy. So, aside from opening a can and doing some serious microwaving, there is really no cooking involved in tonight's meal. I love using up leftovers. It is easy, and I feel very thrifty and resourceful...almost like I am getting away with something (like not spending extra money on groceries).

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