April 1, 2009

Jen's Tacos and Pinto Beans...Ole'

Sometimes I go back through my own blog, just to read some of my old posts. Admittedly, it is a little narcissistic. I can't help it...I crack myself up. I just like reading what was going on in my strange little world at the time of a particular post. Sometimes my posts are all business...just the food and the facts. Other times (and these are my favorites), I include little personal tidbits of info that you, as the reader, may or may not want to know. I went back to look for my taco recipe to link today, and I ended up re-reading the entire post. It brought me back to a particularly (now somewhat funny) bad day that I had last October. It made me smirk and chuckle. So, I wonder if other bloggers do the same thing???? Do other people spend time going back and re-reading their old blog posts???? Or am I just really, really self-centered??? (Okay, don't answer about the self-centered part...I prefer not to know the truth). Anyway, tacos are not particularly exciting, so I thought I would share that little gem with you guys today. Here is the link to what we are having for dinner...my version of tacos and beans. Not really noteworthy, just darn yummy. No changes or earth-shattering adjustments; just tacos and beans.

Jen's Tacos and Pinto Beans...Ole'

This is a classic family favorite. We are going to use the straight-out-of-the-box generic corn taco shells tonight. My (almost) three year old son is going to be really excited when he finds out what is for dinner. This meal is certainly a kid-pleaser!

PS- Yes, I changed my blog background again. What can I say, I get bored easily. I am just trying to keep it interesting!

PPS- This is my 100th blog post in 2009! Overall, 346 posts since I started. Somehow, that is exciting for me!

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rebekah said...

you're definitely not the only one. i read mine all the time. i once spent about 4 hours just re-reading my blog. nuts.

i live for taco night. so easy. :)