May 7, 2009

Tater Tot Casserole (AKA "The Dark Mistress")

The idea of transitioning from an uber-decadent meal like last night's risotto and garlic bread, to tonight's selection of Tater Tot Casserole is kinda funny to me-in an ironic sorta way. I mean, really....this dinner is a complete 180 degrees from our dinner last night. Seriously, I giggle a little when I think about it. It just goes to show you how all over the board we are in what we like to eat. Tater Tot Casserole is good comfort food in my book. Food snobs would certainly sneer at both the Tot and the casserole.

(Admittedly, I have had my issues in the past with accepting my love for this tot/casserole combo. There is always a little shame that goes along with cooking with condensed soup...but I am working it. I think I should start a 'Canned Soup Anonymous' support group or something. "Hi, my name is Jen and I secretly use canned soup as an ingredient...I am just tired of hiding".)

I think I will make this beloved family favorite with some green beans. As always, I like my tot casserole doused in a healthy amount of ketchup, straight from the ol' squeeze bottle. I know, I know....sounds wrong...but it is oh, so right! Does it help to know that the ketchup is organic???? Really at this point, the ketchup can just be more fodder for my soon-to-be-formed support group meetings.

Tater Tot Casserole (or as I like to think of it, "The Dark Mistress")

Soon I will stop..I swear. Just a couple more times...and I will stop making this dish forever. Really! Okay, probably not. It's not really a big deal. Everyone does it. I only make this casserole once in awhile, anyway. I can quit anytime, if I wanted. It's just a social thing...I never make it when I am alone. It is not even my fault that I love's Claire's fault...she got me hooked...the first time was free. Seriously, I am in control....truly.

(I also find it quite humorous that I have the same guilty dialog every time I post this recipe. he, he, he... I am a strange bird sometimes, I know.)

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Sara said...

haha, canned soup anonymous. That is priceless. I have never had tater tot casserole myself. However, I have seen it made on that crazy show 18 & Counting. They make humongous trays of it to feed their freakishly large family.