June 29, 2009

Fish Sticks and Sweet Potato Fries

Today has not been a good day. My three year old tyrant - er, I mean son - has pretty much behaved like a wild beast.

Seriously, I feel like crying and/or running away from home.

Let me give you the rundown of beastly behavior. (Oh yes, I need to share my pain.)

So far he has: dumped his bowl of Cheerios and milk on the floor at breakfast, threw a tantrum because he did not want to put his shoes on, pooped at swim class in his suit (yes, he is fully potty trained), threw a tantrum because I did not give him the snack he wanted, threw a tantrum at his friend's house over some toy, threw a tantrum because he did not want to come home, threw a tantrum because he did not want to take his shoes off, threw his chicken nuggets on the floor at lunchtime, hit me in the face, flailed around on the ground and kicked our wall repeatedly, filled up a cup of water in the bathroom and then promptly upturned it onto the floor, refused to take a nap, trashed his room like a rock star, and spit on the dog.

I wish I was exaggerating. All this and it is only 2:30pm. Did I mention the crying and whining??? Pepper that into my day, as well.

Needless to say, I will not be cooking dinner tonight. I fully plan on hiding in my room and letting the husband take over as soon as he gets home from work. IF he comes home. I called him and gave him the low down on what was going on and he did not sound all too anxious to leave work. I am sure he will drive very slowly (I would).

I think I will whip up some frozen fish sticks and sweet potato fries for our dinner. If I am feeling better, I may make tartar sauce. Who knows. I am just trying to get through the day at this point. Okay...it is 2:49 pm now. Only 1 hour and 41 minutes until the husband gets home. It will be a testament to my parenting skills if I can hold it together until then! Okay, deep breath...

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