August 22, 2009

Blogging Sabbatical

Yup, I am still on blogging Sabbatical. I still feel super-crappy and super-exhausted, so I have not been cooking. I had a minor scare with the babies; but all is well now, and both little buns in my oven are doing great again. I have just been taking it really easy and getting plenty of rest. Also, I have reduced my activity level quite a bit (based on doctor's orders). So, I am enjoying my down time...and trying to stay occupied.

Thankfully, we are not starving. The hubs has stepped up to the proverbial plate to get dinner on the table. Also, he has been taking care of our son and keeping the house in order. All while still working and supporting our family. I am so grateful that I have a real partner, and I am very proud of all the work he is doing. Seriously, I have lucked out in the spouse department!!!! He is truly the best a girl could ask for!!!!

For now, I am going to keep doing nothing. I am still waiting for that magical time in my pregnancy where I can regain some energy and start feeling like a normal human being again. Hopefully, I will be back to blogging soon...but I am not going to push it. Ironically, food is kind of a turn-off right now. I have stopped reading my everyday food blogs that I usually frequent, and I have switched to tracking celebrity gossip. I guess since food does not appeal to me, I still need something to follow....celebrity gossip is as good as anything (especially since I find the regular news to be quite depressing)! Okay, enough rambling. I will update again in the near future. Bye for now!

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