December 30, 2009

Amended Weekly Menu Plan: 12/27/09-01/02/10

I decided to tweak a couple of days on my menu plan for the week. I ended up changing meals for tonight (Wednesday 12/30) and tomorrow (Thursday 12/31). My decision to amend things mid-week was based on two critical factors. (1) I had an upset tummy all day today, and I wanted something light that did not require real "cooking". A simple Tomato Sandwich and salad fit the bill. (Think of the tomato sandwich as a BLT without the B and the L.) (2) I am getting sick of eating meat. It seems like all we have been eating around here lately is pork, beef, or chicken. Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat! I just needed a change. I made an unplanned purchase and bought some catfish at the grocery store. You see, I just absolutely needed to switch things up a bit. My two skipped meals will probably show up on next weeks menu, so don't feel as if you been cheated or anything. It feels good to shake things up once in awhile!

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