January 17, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan: 01/17/10 - 01/23/10

This past week went smoothly with the ol' meal plan; only having to put one meal on hold (last night chicken dinner) in lieu of using up some leftovers instead. I have an amazing group of friends that threw me a fantastic baby shower yesterday, and I was able to bring home a bounty of food from the party. We happily munched on the leftover shower food for dinner; and we still have enough for lunches today, as well.

For the upcoming week, I am still trying to do limited grocery shopping. Again, most of my meal planning ideas are all about using stuff I already have on hand. Preparation for the arrival of our twins is in full swing around here, so the last thing I want to deal with is grocery shopping/lengthy dinner preparation. At my house, it is all about babies, babies, babies right now!!!!

Weekly Menu Plan: 01/17/10 - 01/23/10

Sunday, 01/17/10: Slow Cooker 20 to 40 Garlic Chicken, roasted potatoes, glazed carrots (new recipe from last week) and homemade chicken stock

Monday, 01/18/10: Jen's Mushroom and Edamame (Peas) Risotto, side salad (I originally made this dish with edamame, but I don't have any on hand this time. For a quick edamame substitution...I am going to follow this recipe, but just substitute green, frozen peas for a similar result. Also, I am going to wilt some fresh spinanch into the dish for a little extra nutrition and crumble some bacon on top for garnish. Afterall, everything is better with bacon on it!)

Tuesday, 01/19/10: Chicken Oreganato, couscous, steamed green beans (new recipe)

Wednesday, 01/20/10: White Castle-style Sliders, side salad (new recipe)

Thursday, 01/21/10: Dinner out!

Friday, 01/22/10: Loaded Broccoli-Cheese Baked Potatoes, salad (new recipe)

Saturday, 01/23/10: Pizza Take Out (My In-Law's are bringing a pizza over for dinner. No cooking for me!)

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