June 6, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan: 06/06/10 - 06/12/10

I ended up slacking off a little at the end of last week, and just doing leftovers Friday and Saturday. I needed to get the fridge cleaned out anyway, so it was actually a nice change of pace. Once again, my whole roasted chicken (which has been on the menu for the last month, I swear) got pushed back again. Finally, finally, finally we are going to have it tonight. I just kept forgetting to thaw the darn thing out until this morning. Ugh. Anyway, I am trying to get my freezer stores cleared out to make way for some new ingredients. I have a lot of repeats on the menu again this week, with the hopes of clearing the decks to make way for new and exciting stuff in the near future. Some of the dinners are old favorites, and some are twists on meals that I have done in the past. I will make sure to do a separate post for anything radically different. I hope everyone has a great week!

Weekly Menu Plan: 06/06/10 - 06/12/10:

Sunday, 06/06/10: Easy Roasted Chicken, baked potatoes, glazed carrots, and Jen's Homemade Chicken Stock

Monday, 06/07/10: Grilled Margherita Pizza, salad (vegetarian)

Tuesday, 06/08/10: Birds in a Blanket (Turkey dogs wrapped in a swiss cheese slice, bundled in a crescent roll...I was short on time for dinner!)

Wednesday, 06/09/10: Grilled Portobello, Goat Cheese, and Red Pepper Burgers & Jen's Slow Cooker Cheesy-Spicy Hot Hamberger Dip (new appetizer recipe that I am making for my husband's bible study group)

Thursday, 06/10/10: Jen's Slow Cooker Italian Meatball Hoagies, Jen's Cole Slaw

Friday, 06/11/10: Breakfast for Dinner!

Saturday, 06/12/10: Karen's Baked Pesto Salmon, Creamy Parmesean Orzo, steamed veggies

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