June 12, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan: 06/13/10 - 06/19/10

I feel super productive today, as I just finished meal planning for two whole weeks! Can you imagine??? Two weeks! Hopefully, I can stick to what I have planned, and not deviate too much. We have a lot of activities planned in the evenings lately, so for a couple of days this week I need to make sure our dinners are pretty much no-brainers. I just can't handle any heavy cooking on days where we are running all over town. I hope everyone has a great week!

Weekly Menu Plan: 06/13/10 - 06/19/10

Sunday, 06/13/10: Jen's Swiss Steak, brown rice, glazed carrots

Monday, 06/14/10: Cooking Light's Apricot Prosciutto Pizza (new recipe)

Tuesday, 06/15/10: Jen's Slow Cooker Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, salad (new recipe)

Wednesday, 06/16/10: Marinara and Penne, salad

Thursday, 06/17/10: Bison Burgers, tater tots, steamed broccoli (New recipe...kinda. These are just hamburgers made with Bison meat that we are trying for the first time.There really wasn't a big flavor difference, so I didn't do another post. They tasted like really yummy hamburgers, and I would make this substitution again since bison meat is more healthful than beef.)

Friday, 06/18/10: Middle Eastern Chickpea Burgers & Katz's Tomato Mint Chutney, Salad or steamed veggies

Saturday, 06/19/10: Dinner at my friend, Claire's house!!!

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Claire said...

Yum!! I can't wait to try the enchiladas. I need to be figuring out what I'm going to make. I know my mom was going to do the corn enchiladas, but I don't remember what else she said. I'll have to ask when I talk to her tomorrow.