January 10, 2012

Italian Club Sandwiches

I loosely based this recipe off of a Rachel Ray appetizer that I spied in the Rachel Ray 365: No Repeats cookbook. Normally, I'm not RR's biggest fan, but I wanted something unique for dinner that we hadn't tried before. I must say, she came through with this one! These sandwiches jumped off the page and caught my attention. I modified it to accommodate my family's tastes and a hearty dinner-sized portion. Big, stacked sandwich for dinner??? Yes, please!

Italian Club Sandwiches
Adapted From: Rachel Ray 365: No Repeats--A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners cookbook

whole wheat sandwich bread
garlic-herbed spreadable cheese (I used Allouette brand)
sliced tomatoes
sliced avocado (splashed with a little lemon juice and sprinkled with salt)
salad greens (I used a baby spinach/arugula blend) OR fresh basil leaves
sliced radishes
deli turkey meat
cooked, crispy bacon strips
sliced low-fat provolone cheese

Use three pieces of bread per sandwich. Smear spreadable cheese on one side of the top and bottom slices. Smear spreadable cheese on both sides of the middle bread piece. On the bottom slice, stack greens, tomatoes, and prosciutto. Top with sliced radishes and put middle bread piece over it (i.e. bread with cheese on spread on both sides). On the top of the middle piece of bread, stack avocado slices, turkey deli meat, bacon slices, and more salad greens. Top with remaining bread top, cheese side down. Cut the sandwich in half and serve. Repeat the process for however many sandwiches you need.

The Result:
I'm not really sure why she dubbed this as an Italian club??? It does have some Italian ingredients, but I wouldn't consider it to be "Italian" food or even "Italian" style. All issues with naming this sandwich aside, this came together quickly and easily. Oh, and did I mention we loved it??? Yeah, we loved it!

By the way, here is a wacky reference for you...

Do you remember the Thanksgiving episode of the TV show Friends? The one where Ross had the leftover Thanksgiving sandwich and he called the middle bread piece dipped in gravy "The Moist Maker"???? That totally just popped into my head and made me giggle! Maybe because this sandwich has a middle piece of bread, too. Anyway, there is no "Moist Maker" here, but this is still one good sammie.

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