February 24, 2012

Baked Avocado Chicken Parmigiana

A friend of mine pinned this recipe on Pinterest, and I almost bypassed it entirely. I really thought this flavor combination sounded a little strange. So strange, that I knew it would only go one of two ways for us...we would either love it or hate it. I decided I had to try it out to see. I was very intrigued!

I really didn't think that avocados would work in this application; but some how, some way, they totally made this dish sing! The creamy, fatty avocado was the perfect counter-point to the slightly acidic marinara sauce and crunchy-coated chicken. Who knew?!?! I never would have come up with this combo on my own, so score another great recipe find for Pinterest! Our side dishes were very complimentary, too. A light green salad and whole wheat spaghetti with garlic and olive oil made this a totally satisfying and delicious dinner!

Baked Avocado Chicken Parmigiana
Adapted From: Cuisine Paradise blog via Pinterest

2-4 chicken breasts, pounded thin (1/2 inch thickness)
1/2 cup AP flour
2 tablespoons milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups dried breadcrumbs (I used whole wheat)
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil/Cooking Spray
1/2 cup jarred marinara sauce
2 avocado, Sliced
1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

Place chicken breast in a clear plastic bag(alternatively between 2 sheets plastic wrap), using a rolling pin or meat mallet pound until 1/2 inch thick.

Place flour and breadcrumbs on two separate plate and lightly whisk milk and egg together in a shallow bowl.

Coat 1 piece of chicken breast in flour(shaking off excess), dip in egg mixture then coat in breadcrumbs using your fingertips pressing on to secure.

Place on prepared baking tray lay with foil or baking paper (I used a silicone baking mat), repeat the same process with the remaining chicken breast with flour, egg and etc.

Lightly spray or brush the prepared chicken with oil, bake for 8 minutes(turning after 4 minutes to have even color on the breadcrumbs) in preheated 400F degree oven.

Remove from oven and spread each chicken breast with 1 heaped tablespoon of marinara sauce. Arrange avocado slices over sauce and sprinkle with decent amount of mozzarella cheese.

Return to oven and bake for another 5 - 7 minutes or until golden and chicken is cooked through.

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