July 25, 2008

Cooker's Block

I am experiencing something similar to what a writer would call "writers block". My particular type of "block" is not associated with putting words on a page, but rather...hamburger. I just cannot decide what to make for dinner. Let's call it "cookers block". Plain, boring, versatile, innocuous hamburger is plaguing my very existence!

Earlier today, I took a chance and just picked a protein ingredient quite randomly. I said to myself, "Self...you could thaw some hamburger and worry about what to do with it later". This sounded like a reasonable plan. After all, when this conversation-in-my-head took place it was still morning. I had plenty of time to figure it out. I had things to do, and I knew that an idea would come to me sooner or later. I was really not stressing about it. Until now.
Here we are...it's later...and I still do not know what I want to do with my thawed, ground hamburger. I have options, but none sound like an appealing choice.

I am in one of those indecisive kind of moods, and my hamburger is suffering for it.

So, I needed a new plan. I said to myself, "Self...you could start writing your blog post and then decide what to do with the hamburger". Eureka! That sounded really good! So, here I am...typing away...still not knowing what to do with my hamburger. Ugh. Typing has not inspired any grand hamburger ideas.

Rest assured that I am not trying to be coy...I just need some more time to (procrastinate) figure it out.

So, we WILL be having something with hamburger for dinner.

That is all I can give you today.

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