July 17, 2008

The Result: Jen's Green Enchilada Surprise

Well, Jen's Green Enchilada Surprise was really good. It was a familiar dish at our house; so no big surprises...unless you count some of the ingredients that I do not normally add. It was pretty spicy, even by my standards (that is a good thing). It was very filling and completely satisfying. I think I am good on my Mexican food cravings for at least a day or two.
I did change up the creme fraiche a little by just mixing equal parts creme fraiche and sour cream. The creme fraiche is buttery and rich, and the sour cream is a little tart so they both complimented each other nicely. I did not thin it out either; I like the texture of a thick sour cream. Overall, I was really happy with all aspects of the dish.
The husband indicated that he did not care for the addition of pickled jalapenos, but I disagree. I told him I would note his objection. Spicy/vinegary is a flavor combination that I love and the pickled jalapenos were a perfect vehicle for that taste. He said that he like regular, non-pickled jalapenos much better. Other than that, Greg said that he liked it a lot. Connor really did not eat all that much. He ate 1/2 of a tomato while we were eating our salads and drank all of his milk. By the time I served dinner, he was full and took only one bite of his enchilada. The filling ended up being enough for exactly eight rolled enchiladas and we have about 1/2 the pan for leftovers. It looks like we will be having enchiladas for lunch for a couple of days.

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