July 18, 2008

The Result: Hamburgers

The hamburgers were hamburgers. Greg put some mesquite chips in with the charcoal, so the burgers ended up having a nice woodsy, smokey flavor. Very nice, very nice. My only exception was that the burgers could have been on the grill for a few minutes longer. Greg's was slightly under done to his liking. Mine and Connor's were fine. The carrots were the highlight of the meal, for sure. I love glazed carrots, and the husband agrees. The boy ate most of his meat, one forkful of potatoes, and a couple carrots. We had two ears of corn on the cob leftover that we reheated again and ate. Reheated corn on the cob is definitely not as good as fresh...a very weak facsimile. All in all, a solid dinner choice. The best part was that it was easy with very little clean up.

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