August 1, 2008

The Result: RR's Spanish Burgers with Chorizo Hash Browns

I probably won't make this recipe again. I was not impressed, and I am really glad I did not get the expensive cheese. The burgers were good, but nothing special. The spices were okay, but not stellar. The flavors were not unusual, and only mildly resembled Spanish cuisine. It just tasted like a normal, spicy burger with cheese. The roasted red pepper/hot sauce topping was probably the best thing out of the whole dish. You could easily make that by itself and put it on regular hamburgers, for a similar outcome. I think I will use the roasted red pepper spread again, sometime.
Also, I realized that I really like hamburgers on the grill much better. These were done in a skillet, and they were a little too greasy for my taste. They were not bad burgers; but certainly not anything noteworthy.

Now lets talk about the potatoes. I totally screwed up the potatoes. There were a series of mistakes that I made with the potatoes, that in essence, ruined them. Yup. Ruined. I am talking barely edible. Bad. First, I burnt the chorizo. Then, I totally over-seasoned them. They were unpalatable. Way too salty and too peppery. Bad, Bad. I am typically thrifty with leftovers, but not this time. All of the leftover potatoes went into the dog bowls, and I did not even wince. Too bad; I hate wasting food.
I will say this: If I made the potatoes perfectly, I still don't think they would be all that great. They were literally hashbrowns with onions and chorizo. Nothing exciting. I really do not care enough to try to make them again, and avenge my disaster. The flavors were too boring.

As I said before, I think I am cursed when it comes to RR's food. Her recipes never turn out good for me! Some day I will learn and stop trying.

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claireknightly said...

I find her recipes to be hit or miss. I've had good luck with some, and those I make pretty often, but other times I'm not impressed. And they generally take me more than 30 minutes, too. Basically, you aren't alone!!