September 23, 2008

Creamy Italian Casserole

My Friend Laura gave me a noodle/sauce casserole mix, which I am going to doctor up for dinner tonight. It is just noodles and a powdered sauce, but the directions indicate that you can add other stuff to it. For example, chicken. But why stop at just chicken? I think I will also add some broccoli. Then, it will be a balanced, one-dish meal. Also, the directions tell you to just add milk to reconstitute the sauce, but again, why not go that extra step?? I think I will add some jarred Alfredo sauce and see how that goes. The jarred Alfredo sauce has been taking up space in my pantry for awhile. Arrivederci sauce! Also, there doesn't seem to be any spices in the mix. I will certainly remedy that issue with some Italian seasoning and possibly other spices...we will see what strikes my fancy. Lastly, the directions suggest the addition of mozzarella cheese. That is good...but I think a little Parmesan Reggiano needs to be thrown into the mix, too.

I am not sure where Laura got this casserole mix, so I don't think it will ever be anything that I come across again. This is just an easy, one time dish that we are going to try...mainly because the package keeps falling out of my way-to-full pantry. There is not an actual recipe, but I will post the results anyway.

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