September 23, 2008

The Result: Creamy Italian Casserole

In a word...yuck. Not good at all. I am glad I doctored it up a little, because I think it would have been inedible otherwise. Laura gave it to me because she knew that it would not have been a hit at her house to even attempt it. I really did not have high hopes, but I thought it might be okay. I try to be open-minded sometimes! Man, she was right to get rid of that thing! It was an awful color too...a really weird shade of tan. Not appetizing at all. The most positive thing that I can muster to write about this dish is that it was "food". Sustenance and nothing more. I had a hard time finishing my portion. On the bright side, we are saving money on dog food tonight...our dogs will be having the rest of the casserole for dinner. I don't even want the leftovers in my fridge! Yeah...just bad.

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