September 9, 2008

Hamburgers, Tater Tots, & Leftover Cauliflower

I think I ate a piece of funky chicken for lunch the other day, because I was sick all day yesterday. Truth be told, I still don't feel all that great today either... but I feel like I have improved some. Ugh. Thankfully, my husband stayed home yesterday since I was up literally all night (until about 5am) with stomach issues. I was able to sleep most of the day yesterday, and I think that was really helpful.
We went to a restaurant for lunch after church on Sunday, and I had a blackened chicken sandwich. At the time, I thought it had a weird taste, but I chalked it off to their blackening seasoning. I think the funky taste was the actual chicken! It was the only thing different that I ate from the rest of my family, and they are all just fine. I think that chicken was bad! Double Ugh.

Anyway, we had a low key dinner last night. Leftover cauliflower, tater tots that I had in my freezer, and hamburgers. The hamburger patties were pre-formed, so all we had to do is grill them up...and the husband took care of that little task. I did have a loaf of ciabatta bread that needed to be used, so we warmed it in the oven and then sliced it into bun sized pieces (supplementing the actual hamburger buns). Also, I sauteed some onions and fresh cremini mushrooms that I had on hand. I was going to use the mushrooms for a different recipe, but then I realized I did not know when I was going to be able to make that recipe. Since fresh mushrooms go south quickly, I decided to uses those to top the hamburgers.

I did realize something shameful though...I love tater tots. I think they remind me of being a kid. Seriously, I feel silly eating them...but I cannot help but love the tots. They just don't scream "grown-up food". It is fun to watch my son dig into the tater tots, too. He has discovered those yummy potato nuggets of pleasure. The joy of a kid eating tots with lots of ketchup is unparalleled. the tots! I buy a bag now and then, when I feel like being indulgent. I bake them in the oven, so I can justify that they are healthier than the fried version...therefore, not junk food. I try not to have them often, but when we do...I enjoy them. Ah, tater tots.

All in all we had a decent, quick, dinner in which the tots were the highlight of the meal. Certainly, nothing fancy...but good, comfortable, food.

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