September 3, 2008

Jen's Steak Fajitas

We are going to have steak fajitas tonight. I love steak fajitas, and I have some lean Angus beef steak strips that are calling my name. This really is not a new recipe since I have posted it before, but I am going to try and make some changes to make it a bit healthier. I am going to use the same method I always use (see previous post), but cut out some of the fat and/or calorie laden items. I will still mix a marinade, and cook these pre-sliced strips on the indoor grill pan. I will only use a little olive oil (maybe a tablespoon or less) with some cooking spray to saute the onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. We will use whole wheat tortillas, and substitute plain, low fat yogurt for the sour cream. Also, I have some tomatoes and radishes to slice on top for garnish. Lastly, I will skip the normal cheese and use a lower fat Mexican garnish cheese, like Cotija. It is a low moisture, but flavorful cheese(it reminds me of a mild feta...but I dare not mention that to my husband), so you end up using a lot less.

I am a little tired of beans, so I think I will search in my recipes for some sort of Mexican-cilantro-lime rice dish. I have brown rice on hand, so I think I will incorporate that into a side item. I will post the recipe once I find something that I looks like it is what I want.

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