September 26, 2008

Jen's Steak Fajitas

Once again, we are having steak fajitas (see previous posts) for dinner tonight. I know it is nothing new and exciting, but what can I say...I LOVE fajitas! It is perfect Friday night food. I have some flank steak that is marinating in the fridge...which we will just throw on the grill when the husband gets home. Other than grilling, I just have to prep and cook the onions and peppers. Another fast, easy dinner for us! I think I will make the Copycat Chipotle Lime Rice (see previous post) as our side dish, as it seems I have an over-abundance of rice in my pantry. Since I am trying to be diligent about taking photos, I will include a snap shot of the final result.

The Result:

YUM! Need I say more?????

Okay...maybe I will say something else. These fajitas were luscious! Oh, and...the rice was really good, too.

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