September 25, 2008

DeCio Pasta, Poached Egg, and Parmesan Cheese

I went to the zoo this morning with my MOMS Club and my son and I had a blast. We stayed until nap time, and we both promptly came home and sacked out. In fact, my son is still sleeping...and I just woke up myself. I love when little kids get their fill of fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. They become much more compliant and drowsy.
Our zoo opened a new splash pad exhibit that is awesome. There is a huge covered area for parents to sit, the splash pad part itself with water jets shooting everywhere, and a big cave with little water slides built into it. My little guy loved it! I forgot to bring swim attire, but I just stripped him down to shorts and diaper, put extra sunscreen on him, and let him go. Thankfully, I had an extra DRY outfit tucked away into my diaper bag. Man oh man, did that kid play and romp. When I do really fun stuff with my son I always wish my husband is there to see it. He would have loved watching him play in the water. Also, during the week kids places are blissfully uncrowded, so there is not the pressure of a mass of other people/kids. On the weekends, when my husband is off work, it is hard to go and enjoy public places because it gets crazy busy. Alas, my husband stays at work and the kid and I go and do cool stuff together.

But I digress...let's talk about dinner. I am little tired from chasing my son around the zoo today, so dinner will be fairly simple tonight. I forgot to thaw a protein element out this morning and it is a little too late in the day to do it now. That leaves us with limited choices. I have some flavored DeCio pasta on hand that I think I will cook up and serve very simply. A little olive oil, a little salt and pepper, and a little fresh grated Parmesan cheese. I may top each portion with a yummy, runny, poached egg...just for a little extra umph. The flavor that I have is spinach, garlic, basil; which is my favorite. The best part is the whole meal will just require me to boil water! How simple is that??!! I have never tried the whole poached egg business as a pasta topping, but I figure egg is good in it sounds like it will work well in this application. I will let you know how it goes.
There is really no recipe for this concoction, so I won't bother typing out a preparation method. I trust you all to know how to boil water and cook pasta, so I don't think I need to break it down into steps. Easy, Easy, Easy. This dinner even makes blogging about dinner a breeze!

The Result:
My pasta got mixed reviews tonight. Two out of three family members gave it a thumbs up. My husband came home from work feeling sick tonight (I am pretty sure that he has caught my cold), and I think his taste buds may be off. He really did not care at all for the pasta...despite the fact that he has had this flavor before and liked it. Otherwise, my son and I loved it. I really liked the addition of the egg! It was very similar to carbonara, as the egg yolk and cheese combined and formed a sauce of sorts. It was really filling and tasty! For a quick-fix dinner I thought this was a pretty yummy idea.

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