September 16, 2008

The Result: Pioneer Woman's Favorite Enchiladas

These were really,really good. Involved & labor intensive, but good. My husband almost said he like them better than my normal enchiladas...until I shot him a death look.
My cooking was not up to my usual standards tonight, and I kept goofing up on minor things. For example, I accidentally opened a can of green enchilada sauce at the beginning of the recipe and I had to start over. The can I accidentally opened ended up being expired, so I tossed the green sauce. That did not make me happy. I started off on the wrong foot with this dish, but thankfully, the recipe still turned out awesome.
I had wee bit of a snafu with the tortillas, so we ended up having more of a casserole than actual enchiladas. Apparently, the corn tortillas I bought at the Mexican grocery store are a little more delicate than normal corn tortillas. They are sensitive...I am guessing because they were fresh and more like homemade???? Anyway, they now are a little crumbly. I started the softening/dunking process and they totally fell apart. I am talking 'in shreds'. So, I had to improvise. I ladled some sauce into the bottom of the casserole dish, and then I pieced together a layer of tortillas. I made sure the pieces were coated thoroughly in the sauce (I put a little extra on the top). Next I added the meat mixture. Then, I sprinkled my olives on top of the meat. After the olives, I sprinkled a generous amount of cheese in an even layer. I added a final layer of tortillas to cover the top, like a little roof. The I poured a bunch more sauce on top, so it really soaked down. I thought it was going to turn out too watery because of all the sauce I used, but in fact, the tortilla soaked up the sauce and it was perfect. Lastly, I sprinkled some more shredded cheese on top and baked as suggested. The result was awesome! My improvised casserole turned out great.

Next time I would make a couple of changes. For example, I used mild red sauce and it was way to mild for our tastes. We ended up breaking out the Chaloula hot sauce to spice it up. I may add a little more salt next time,too. It seemed a little under seasoned. Actually, that could be my fault, as well. The last time I bought salt, I purchased sea salt instead of my normal kosher salt. Sea salt has less sodium in it...which is great for you health...but could leave things a little under seasoned. Typically, I remember to add a little extra sea salt to make up the difference, but for some reason I did not think of it tonight.

Overall, this was very, very, very, very, very, good. I was just not at the top of my game tonight. I think if I made it properly, it would have been fantastic. This is definitely another hit, and I will make this version again.

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