September 9, 2008

The Result: Korean Sesame Beef Lettuce Wraps

The Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps were good. Not fantastic, but good....a solid choice. I am definitely going to make these again, with a couple of minor changes. First, I think I used the wrong type of lettuce. The butter lettuce did not give a satisfying crunch, and the leaves themselves were a bit small. I think that plain, old, iceberg lettuce would have been much better. The kimchi was very, very good. I have never had it before, and I was not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. It has a very unique flavor that was not overpowering. It paired well with the beef. From my understanding kimchi can be quite spicy hot. The type that we found was fairly mild, but had a nice bite to it. I actually would have enjoyed more spice to this dish. I think next time I will put red pepper flakes in with the beef mixture. The beef was very tasty, and I especially enjoyed the addition of the toasted sesame seeds. I ended up using a white medium grained rice that was just okay. It was stickier than long grain, but got a little too mushy. I think next time I will stick to a long grain rice because the texture is so much better.

This recipe is worthy of having again. I love that this meal was healthy, but still filling. I really did not have to serve side dishes, because the wraps themselves were pretty nutritionally balanced. The husband really liked it a lot, but agreed it needed some minor tweaking. The kimchi we bought has an expiration date of 11/08, and we have half the jar left. Based on that info, I predict that you will see this dish posted again soon.

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