October 10, 2008

Jen's Double Breaded Pork Chops

Okay...here is the last dish that I am making tonight. The show-stopper. This is one of my creations, that I came up with when I first started cooking. I wanted a good home-cooked dinner that I could have in my back pocket for when company came over. I literally practiced and practiced until I was happy with it. Before I really learned how to cook, I figured out that it would be good to have one dish that I really knew how to prepare well. These pork chops were the culmination of that idea. My mom had a very simple pork chop recipe, that I just kept playing around with until it morphed into this recipe. As I learned more about cooking I would add or subtract elements, to get the result I wanted. Now, these pork chops do not resemble my mom's version at all, and I can call them my own. This recipe is not written down anywhere, so I will have to figure out quanities as I go and measurements will not be exact. Here is another example of my blog forcing me to document a recipe that I normally would not have taken the time to do.

Jen's Double Breaded Pork Chops

Cooking Spray
3-4 Tablespoons of canola oil
4 pork chops (either boneless or bone-in)
1 cup of seasoned Italian bread crumbs
1/2 cup of panko bread crumbs
1 Tablespoon of onion powder
1 Tablespoon of garlic powder
1 Tablespoon of paprika
1 Tablespoon of dried parsley
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of pepper
1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
2 eggs, beaten
2 Tablespoon of milk
4 small dashes of Louisiana Hot Sauce
salt to taste

1) Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Prepare large cookie sheet by spraying with cooking spray and set aside.
2) In a large bowl combine Italian seasoned bread crumbs, Panko bread crumbs, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, parsley, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and mix thoroghly. Set aside.
3) In a seperate medium bowl combine 2 beaten eggs, milk, and Louisiana Hot Sauce. Set aside.
4) Take pork chops and pat dry with paper towel.
5) In a large skillet heat canola oil over medium-high heat.
6) While oil is heating set up a breading station for your pork chops, as follows:
* Dip pork chop in egg wash, flipping to coat both sides evenly. Let the extra egg wash run off back into the bowl.
* Place egg coated pork chop into the bread crumb mixture, flipping and evenly coating with bread crumbs on all sides.
* Dip bread crumb coated pork chop back into the egg wash, flipping to coat again with egg wash on all sides (over the bread crumb mixture)
* Place pork chop back into the bread crumb mixture again, flipping to coat again with bread crumb mixture.
7) Once pork chop has been double coated with both egg and bread crumbs, place in skillet,turning once to brown on both sides-approximately 3 minutes per side. (Please note: Pork chop will not be cooked through, this step is just for browning.)
8) Once pork chop is brown on both sides, place on waiting cookie sheet and sprinkle with a little bit of salt.
9) Repeat steps 6-8 with remaining pork chops.
10) Once all pork chops have been browned and placed on cookie sheet, place cookie sheet in oven for 25-30 minutes to finish cooking pork chops. Serve and enjoy!

The Result:
This was fan-freakin'-tastic! We have had all these items before, so really no earth-shattering surprises for us. This meal was just as delicious and satisfying as I remembered it to be. I think I will turn to these recipes more often...this meal is way to good to only have once in a blue moon!


jenanderson13 said...

Your dinner sounds yummy. I can't wait to see the picture.

latt├ęgirl said...

Thanks for the recipe - it turned up in a Google search!