October 18, 2008


We are just having leftover sandwich stuff for tonight's dinner. As was the case last night, I do not feel like cooking. I have been reading a series of books, in which I am about 70% through the last book in the series. I am absolutely riveted. I am not kidding...I am obsessive about reading this book! I can't think about anything else. Forget parenting, cleaning, cooking, listening to my husband, bathing...my life is on hold until I can finish this last book. So, I have decided I am on a sabbatical until I am done reading. I feel like a drug addict....okay, maybe a book addict (which is exactly like a drug addict but without the drugs and a lot more nerdy). I am contemplating faking an illness so I can get out of church tomorrow. Just so I can stay home to read! Just kidding, God. Okay, maybe I am not just kidding (lying to God is probably worse than trying to ditch church for a book). Anyway, I am not cooking tonight. That means I can get back to reading sooner.

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