November 8, 2008

Green Chile Omelet

The family and I had a wedding today that was smack dab in the middle of the afternoon (i.e. nap time). The boy did pretty well behavior-wise during the ceremony, but started flipping out at the start of the reception. Needless to say, we left quickly to avoid ruining the bride and groom's big day. Toddler melt downs are not fun for anyone. Anyway, we left the wedding and went to my In-Law's Party Palace so the boy could run wild in private. We did not get home until after our normal dinner time, so we had to devise a dinner plan very quickly.
The husband is the breakfast wizard in our house, so he made us these really yummy Mexican-inspired, green chile/shallot/Pepper Jack cheese omelets. Oh man, they were really good and totally hit the spot. Best of all, we had dinner on the table in 15 minutes! I love easy dinners like tonight. There is really no recipe, but I did take a photo. It ended up being exactly what I was craving!

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