November 9, 2008

Ina's Wild Mushroom Risotto

Inevitably, when I get a new cookbook (or borrow one from the library) you are bound to see some recipes from it. I got the Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics cookbook from the library, and then I had to return it before I was able to really try anything. I was sad. Until good fortune smiled upon me, and I got a Target gift card as a "thank you" present. It was a ridiculously thoughtful gesture and I am lucky that I have such a great friend (you know who you are, my little Target benefactor). Anyway, I was able to buy the Back to Basics cookbook with my gift card. Hooray for me!

I know it seems like we have had a ton of risotto recently, but I just can't get enough of it. Yes, it is a pain to make...stirring and stirring and stirring and stirring until my arm is about to fall off. Oh man, the temporary discomfort is totally worth it! Despite the hassle, it is delicious in almost any form. It is creamy and substantial and screams warm, homey, comfort food. I heart it very much. Luckily, the husband and boy love it too.
Our brand new mega-super grocery mart actually carries a bunch more specialty food items than our normal grocery store. I was able to find real, imported, Italian Arborio rice without making a day trip out of it. The store also has specialty mushrooms, so I was able to pick up both morels and crimini mushrooms(no porcinis though). Again, I was happy. Since mushrooms are best used the same day, I decided to bump my other dinner plans back and make this tonight.

I have to admit I have been bored with our meal options lately. Also, it seems that we eat a ton of red meat. Even though I have tried some new recipes with the past couple weeks, I still feel a little ho-hum with our dinner choices. At first, I decided that I would spice things up by having an "ALL VEGETARIAN" week, this week. Yeah...that got quickly veto'ed by the hubby. I thought I was going to have a mutiny on my hands for a second. In my defense, I know there are some great vegetarian recipes out there. I truly don't know a whole lot about vegetarian cooking, and I would like to learn more. I 'tabled' my vegetarian idea for another time...with a firm warning that it would happen soon (also, I reserved some vegetarian cookbooks at the library and they are not ready to be picked up yet). So, I just decided to try some other new recipes this week and try not to make any that have red meat as the main ingredient. You would think that would not be too hard, but I found out I live with carnivores. This dish is not completely vegetarian, but it was certainly a nice compromise. Ina usually delivers, so I have high hopes.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Purchase or borrow a copy of Barefoot Contessa's Back to Basics cookbook. Turn to page 144-145 and follow the recipe for Wild Mushroom Risotto. You will not be disappointed.

As you may have realized, I am lazy and the recipe is way too long to type's a two-pager. If you are really dedicated to trying this dish, call me and I will lend you my copy of Back to Basics. Here is a photo to entice you and make you salivate.

The Result:

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Lisa said...

I found your blog while googeling Ina's recipe for mushroom risotto. I just made this recipe last night and wanted to post it on my blog, but like you said... it's too long, so I was hoping to find a copy already online somewhere (even though I made a few changes). I like how you plated the dish for the picture.

Lisa @