December 28, 2008

Dinner Out

It seems I have been a little remiss with my posting lately. In my defense, I am still struggling with putting Christmas behind me, and we had a pet emergency to deal with yesterday. My poor cat had gotten a really bad infection,and had be hospitalized overnight. We have been traveling back and forth to our Veterinarian for the past two days, which is a pretty long journey (we kept our old Vet, located by my old house...45 minutes away). Luckily, the cat is at home now and on his way to recovery, but the whole ordeal threw quite the monkey-wrench in my weekend plans. Oh well...I am just glad my cat is going to be okay.

So, really there is nothing exciting to report, cooking-wise. We did take-out pizza last night, due to the cat situation. It is unusual for us to eat take-out thrice (is thrice really a word???...I mean three times, just in case it isn't) in one month, but we did in December. By the time we got home I was not in the mood for cooking at all. Ugh.

I need to get organized for the upcoming week, and do my meal plan, grocery list, and pay some bills (ew). It seems that everything goes on the back-burner during the week of Christmas (yes, I am still annoyed that my house is still a disaster), and it is difficult for me to dig my way out of it and get caught-up. Hopefully, I can get some basic things done today that will get me ahead of the game for next week. I am not sure what the dinner plan is for tonight yet, but I will figure it out and post it later.

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