January 2, 2009

Grilled BBQ Steak, Jen's Potluck Potatoes, and Glazed Carrots

I totally forgot to post today! It just slipped my mind completely! I finally remembered after we were finished eating, so I guess this post is better late than never. Nothing really exciting going on in our house for dinner tonight. We just threw some steaks on the grill, then I made a batch of my potluck potatoes, and some glazed carrots to go on the side. Nothing noteworthy to report, other than I used shredded hash brown potatoes and added a can of cheddar cheese soup...just to see what would happen. The potatoes came out great as usual, just a little cheesier and a little soupier (but not runny). I do hate myself for loving (and using) canned, condensed, 'cheese' or 'cream of' soups...but in my defense, I try to make them a once in a while thing. I understand that they are the nutritional equivalent of junk food (look at the food label sometime and you will see what I am talking about), but there is something so homey about them. Also, they are easy. Sometimes, easy wins at our house. Oh well, I will just continue to live with condensed soup guilt. Here is the link to the potatoes and the photo. Overall, this was an easy and yummy dinner.

Jen's Potluck Potatoes

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