February 1, 2009

Do Over!

I declare Super Bowl Sunday an official "do over" cooking day. I am inexplicably cranky today, and it has showed in everything I have tried to make. Seriously, I have had the worst cooking day ever! So bad, in fact, that I will not even post and/or review the disastrous recipes that I have tried today. It started with breakfast and did not get any better all day. It is almost as if I have forgotten how to cook completely. Our dinner was literally inedible. (Well, my dogs seemed to like it.) I finally just gave the boy a hot dog and gave up. It has to be my crappy mood coming out. UGH! The whole day has been very frustrating, to say the least. And to top it all off, I burned my arm really bad. Like a screaming red, blistered, burn in the shape of my skillet handle. So in light of my horrid day in the kitchen, I am declaring today a non-day. As if it didn't happen...a "do over". I will be back tomorrow, hopefully back on top of my game with yummy recipes.

Here is a pic of my burn...just to prove my point.

Yes, I am whining.


Jen said...

Ouch! I have some burn cream they gave Trevor for his finger. If you want, I can bring it tomorrow.

claireknightly said...

Hmmmm...did you secretly go to Legoland? Your whining sounds similar to what I heard that day... ;)

Sorry it was such a bad day!