February 26, 2009

Jen's Swiss Steak

I haven't waxed poetic about my new laptop in at least 24 hours, so here we go...

I heart my new laptop! It's really the little features that I love...the 10-key keypad, the sleek, paper-thin design, the little bingy-bongy chimes it makes, and lastly, the Velcro cord-keeper. Yes, I am excited about the pre-attached Velcro cord-keeper. On the old computer, I would use a large, ugly twist tie or a rubber band from a bunch of asparagus to keep my cord neat and tidy (rubber bands that they put around fresh vegetables are the best because they are thick and sturdy). Now, my new cord comes with a Velcro cord-wrapping strap already attached. It is just a thoughtful little touch that I appreciate dearly. Sigh. It is the little things in life...

Okay, enough about my new PC (please no comments from Mac users, thank you very much).

Tonight's dinner is a family classic. It is a family recipe that got passed down and it has always been one of my very favorites (I know, I know...when it comes to food, I have a lot of favorites). I will reference back to my original post, since I wrote about how the recipe came to be. I think I will take a new photo of this dish, because I don't seem to have one. Swiss steak is purely comfort food, so I think I will serve it with some comfort side items...garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, baby. (Tangent: When I say the words "mixed vegetables" for some reason, in my head, I always say it like Austin Powers...for example, "Mixed Veg-e-tables, Baby...Yeah!". I don't know why. Pretty kooky, I know.)

Did I just scare you away??? Moving on...

Jen's Swiss Steak

Hooray!!! Swiss Steak!!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

Okay, I am done.

The Result:
Delicious! So savory and yummy...I could easily eat this once a week, for the rest of my life. Yum!

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