March 22, 2009

Falafel Pitas, Jen's Hummus, and Baked Potatoes

Well, we are on day three of me feeling kinda rotten. That means day three of easy dinners. I did feel okay enough to make a batch of hummus this afternoon, so I think that I am on the mend. Other than that, I really have not ventured far from my couch.
Needless to say, there were no surprises for our family meal this evening...just our standard falafel pitas and baked (microwaved) potatoes. They were yummy as usual, and best of all, not very challenging to put together. Here is the link below for both recipes (pitas and hummus). Tomorrow is Monday and the husband goes back to work. I cringe at the thought of being left alone with a active three year old and not feeling good. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that I will wake up in the morning feeling like my normal self, and back to my usual antics. As soon as that happens, I will be back in my kitchen with some new recipes to share!

Falafel Pitas and Jen's Hummus

This meal is so easy, fast and delicious. No wonder why it is one of our favorites!

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