March 17, 2009

Jen's Bean Burritos and Mashed Avocado

This is one of my standard, quick, go-to meal. It is basically cooking, without really having to cook. I needed an easy and fast meal for last night's dinner, because I had an agenda. I just did not have time to go through a long involved meal preparation because of what I had to get done last night. Places to go, things to do....

Okay...let me back up. (I promise this correlates to my dinner last night.) My old washer and dryer has been seriously irritating me for awhile now. It's old, it gets off balance, the door on the dryer frequently pops open and vomits wet clothes onto my laundry room floor in the middle of the dry cycle, and the capacity is way to small. Laundry is a major production in my house since my washer and dryer is mini/apartment-sized. Every week I do at least 6 loads; and that is on a good week where I don't let it pile up! Laundry is a major monkey on my back! I have been petitioning for a new washer and dryer. Since ours was still working, it was really hard to justify the extra expense. Well, yesterday the husband told me that he suspected there was mold growing somewhere in the washer. Mold!!! Sure enough, I checked it out and there is no denying the funky and distinctive smell coming from somewhere inside the washer. (We live in a really dry climate so mildew is not an issue.) I think when the load gets off balance some water pours behind the wash basin...i.e. creating a mold-friendly environment in the bowels of my washer. EW! Once I got wind of a mold issue, I was DONE with our washer and dryer for good. I mean...MOLD. Gross!!! So, we headed to the appliance store and negotiated a pretty good deal on a fancy, new, race-car red, front-loader washer and dryer set. Hooray! I am soooo freakin' excited!!!! Our existing set was used when we got 'em (and not too many complaints from me at the time). As an adult, I have never had a brand new washer and dryer that I picked out all by myself. I never knew I could be so excited about appliances!!! So, the new washer and dryer will be delivered next week, and I am counting the minutes!

Now do you see my need for an easy dinner??? It was due to all that appliance shopping! I had done all my research, so I knew which set I wanted...we just had to go and bite the proverbial bullet. So, I threw together some bean burritos and off we went. Below is the link to my bean burrito recipe. It is pretty easy and it filled one of our 'vegetarian' slots for the week. I will admit, dinner was not the main event yesterday since I was so distracted with laundry issues. Tonight I will be back with a new recipe, since I can now rest easy that my new washer and dryer will be on their way to my house soon!

Jen's Bean Burritos and Mashed Avocado

Ummmm....easy and delicious!

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