March 27, 2009

Quick Homemade Pizza

I have had a lot of "repeat" recipes lately (i.e. recipes that I have tried and blogged about previously). All I can say is that I am in somewhat of a rut. I don't really feel like experimenting with new recipes very much, since some of the new meals I have tried have been a little disappointing. Instead, I am opting for easy and familiar. I think my recent funk also has to do with our crazy schedule, and the illness that is sweeping through our house (my son is now officially sick).
I have already crafted my menu plan for next week and I only have 2 new recipes planned, with the rest being previous dinner ideas. I really want to stay within our budget, so a lot of my planned meals can be made out of my stash. Hopefully, I will get back to trying some new dishes the week after next. For now, it is "been there/done that" for the next week or so. I honestly don't mind it too much. I am okay with easy and familiar for now. Also, it is much easier to link back to a previous post on my blog, then to craft a whole new one with photos and a review. Yes, I know what you are thinking...and you are right...laziness is totally winning out. Again, I am okay with that. Also, sometimes recipes get buried in the past posts, so this gives me a chance to trot out our favorites. Tonight's meal is a perfect example of that idea.

I usually like to make something kinda fun for Friday night dinner. I think that Friday night is the best night of the week, since you have the promise of the whole weekend stretched out in front of you. It just begs for an easy and fun dinner. I love this easy and quick homemade pizza recipe. We are short on vegetarian meals this week, so this is fills both my requirements for fun and vegetarian. Pizza is always a hit at our house, so I know we will all enjoy this dinner.

Quick Homemade Pizza

Friday night pizza! Hooray!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so good! I love pizza (and pasta) on Friday nights!