March 26, 2009

Claire's Pot Roast

My friend Claire is soaking up sun and sand in Myrtle Beach, and I must confess, my co-dependency is kicking in. I miss my buddy! I thought a good way to miss her less would be through making her pot roast recipe. Really, what says "I miss you, friend" better than a hunk o' beef. Sigh. I know she is having a great family vacations, but for selfish reasons, I want her to come home. The husband just doesn't get excited about cooking gadgets, gossip, and my day-to-day trivial observations like Claire is just not the same.

Oh well. I am seeking comfort with my other friends. My mom and I had a busy morning at the zoo with some of my other cohorts today. It was nice to get out of the house and into the sunshine and fantastic weather. Then, after nap time today, we are off and running again to a MOMS Club meeting. Since I kinda had a full agenda today, I really needed an easy slow cooker meal to just throw in and forget about. ( maybe I am making this recipe for other reasons, too....not just because I miss Claire.) This pot roast recipe is super-easy and very delicious. I love that the meat juices and soup(s) make their own gravy, without any work on my part. All I have to do is make a couple of side dishes to finish the meal off. I think I will steam some brussel sprouts (ew!...not my favorite, but the hubby l-o-v-e-s them) and make either rice or potatoes to go with our roast. I need a starchy side that will soak up the yummy gravy, but I am totally not settled on what exactly I am going to make yet. I think it will all depend on what time I get back from my meeting this afternoon. Here is the link my previous post about Claire's pot roast. It smells so good, I cannot wait to have dinner.

Claire's Pot Roast

See!!!! Good and easy!!!! I heart this roast very much.

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claireknightly said...

I miss you too!!! Enjoy the pot roast. John never likes it when I have to gossip with him, although with as much golf and gun talk as I listen to from him, I should really talk to him about cooking stuff.