April 12, 2009

Jen's Steak Fajitas (Happy Easter!)

Happy Easter, everyone! We have been going non-stop, so the husband and I decided to have a low-key Easter this year. We did an indoor egg hunt with the boy, gave him his Easter basket, and that is about it. We also opted for a decidedly non-traditional Easter dinner, as well. We are going to have my classic steak fajitas, pinto beans, and glazed carrots. Completely no-frills...and that is exactly how we wanted it. I am just thankful I get to relax with my family for this special holiday.

Jen's Steak Fajitas

Steak fajitas are my favorite! I am excited that this dinner will be simple and delicious.


rebekah said...

what kind of beef do you use? fajitas are best (to me and more traditionally) when made with flank or skirt steak ... i love 'em too ... great recipe!

Jen B. said...

Typically, I use flank steak. Skirt steak works well, too. I love that those cuts are so flavorful and fairly inexpensive.