May 28, 2009

Jen's Bean Tostadas

My mom splits her time between Arizona and Colorado. She goes back and forth throughout the year, dividing her time between her home in Northern Arizona and her boyfriend's ranch in Southern Colorado. On her recent visit to my house, she brought me a gallon jug of dried pinto beans that she procured directly from the grower. Rather, she has a 25 lb. bag of beans in Colorado and she brought me some of those, in a gallon jug. Apparently, the area in CO. in which she lives is famous for it's pinto and Anasazi beans. Who knew!!! Anyway, I soaked and cooked some of the dried beans (see below recipe) to use later this week. They are sooooo much better than canned, I can't even describe the superior flavor and texture...just know dried beans kick canned beans arse. So, with my bean bounty I decided to make tostadas. Here are the two recipes I used for bean cooking and the tostadas themselves. We have a busy day planned, so I need a relatively easy dinner for this evening. These beans/tostadas should fit the bill. I am looking forward to dinner tonight. It will be nice to have a vegetarian meal again!

Jen's Slow Cooker Beans

Have I mentioned that I love the concept of the slow cooker, lately????? I do. I really do.

Jen's Bean Tostadas

I swear, we never get sick of Mexican food around here. Just last night, the husband proclaimed that he could not live without good Mexican food. I agree. Also, I think Mexican food is so versatile. It can be super-light or ultra-fattening...depending on how you prepare it. Either way, it is delicious.

The Result:
Delicious!!! We loved these tostadas!

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Anonymous said...

I love using dried beans. You are so right. The flavor is quite different from canned.
There are some I don't think I'll ever try again, e.g Fava beans...if I remember, you have to take the outer covering off them and it gets too fiddling.