May 3, 2009

Rick Bayless' Grilled Roadside Whole Chicken, Jen's Pinto Beans, & Jen's Homemade Chicken Stock

I love it when I find whole chickens on sale. I stock up with as many as the store limit allows, and then squirrel them away in my freezer. Whole chickens are especially great since I can usually get two to three meals out of one bird, then use the leftover bones and bits for chicken stock. Seriously, I eek every last bit of use out of that much as I can get!

Tonight's meal is one of my favorite grilled whole chicken applications. The recipe comes from my coveted Rick Bayless cookbook, Mexican Everyday. I have made this bird a few times now, and it always turns out with fantastic results. I am really, really looking forward to dinner! I think I will serve this dinner with a side of pinto beans, and some grilled yellow squash and zucchini. Here are the recipe links that I will be using:

Rick Bayless' Grilled Roadside Whole Chicken

Jen's Pinto Beans

Jen's Homemade Chicken Stock

In my opinion, this is perfect Sunday night fare!

Jen's Notes:
I am not sure what I am doing with the squash and zucchini yet. I guess I will figure it out, and post the recipe (if there is one) with my results.

The Results:
I didn't see that I had photos of this chicken, so I thought I would remedy that issue. This meal was as delicious as always. Juicy, crispy-skinned, flavorful chicken. Yum!

For the squash and zucchini, I just cut it length-wise and sprinkled with salt, pepper, canola oil, and lime juice. Then, I threw it on the grill for approximately 5 minutes per side. It turned out really good. Overall, this is one of our favorite chicken dinners.

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