June 18, 2009

Claire's Pot Roast: A Variation

I needed a day at home this week to get some chores done. It seems we have been going, going, going, all month long; and my house is starting to show signs of neglect. I decided to do an easy, slow-cooker meal so I could focus on getting my house in order and not have to worry about dinner. This dish is always easy, delicious, and comforting. I love the yummy smells that fill the house when a pot roast is cooking away. This dish is a low maintenance masterpiece...perfect for a day of cleaning and organizing.

Claire's Pot Roast: A Variation

This is one of those meals that I imagine when people talk about "home-cooking". It is a traditional stand-by that everyone seems to love. Family food at it's finest!

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nick said...

This is not entirely dissimilar to the "Stracotto" (Italian Pot Roast) that Sara makes on a regular basis, which is always heartily enjoyed here.

I am not one of those people who have a pet peeve against using condensed soups in cooking (they are a strange condescending bunch - often despite slow cookers too) but I have to say I'd def. give this a try w/o it, and use some fresh mushrooms / some more cooking liquid (beer/wine/stock) instead.