June 16, 2009

Jen's Broccoli Cheese Chicken Bake

This casserole is starting to become my standard "have a new baby" casserole. My friend, Angela from my MOMS Club just had her third baby, and I am participating in meal support for her. Since I am completely out of any other creative casserole ideas, I think I will just make this dish again. So far, I have sprung it on two other sets of unsuspecting new parents, with positive results. Hopefully, Angela and her brood will be the third family to enjoy it. It is easy enough to make, fairly tasty, and all the food groups are well represented. Really, what more could you ask for in a casserole????

I think I will just make a big batch and serve it to my family, too. It is easy to adjust the quantity for the crowd that you need to feed. Overall, this dish is versatile and comforting...perfect for tired parents!

Jen's Broccoli Cheese Chicken Bake

Once in awhile, I just need a good old fashioned casserole to warm my belly and lift my spirits!

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