June 22, 2009

Jen's Falafel Pitas with Homemade Hummus

The husband and I made a batch of hummus yesterday afternoon, so I thought what better way to use it then to make pitas. This dinner is ridiculously easy, without any real "cooking" involved. I love the pre-made falafel that Costco carries; just for the simplicity alone. I know, I know...real falafel is not that hard to make from scratch and delivers a much better flavor. However, these are a pretty good stand-in, without all the work. I really don't mind cutting corners sometimes. Also, the ingredients list is pretty straight forward with these falafels, without any horribly funky things going on (i.e. hydrogenated crud or high fructose sludge). Even though I occasionally use some processed products, I try to cut back on the offensive ingredients when it makes sense. I am certainly not perfect, and we all know my weakness for condensed canned soup. I have noticed lately that I have been turning to "convenience" items more and more. Aside from the occasional flash of guilt, I am pretty much okay with it. We are a busy family, and I am just happy to get dinner on the table every night.

Okay...I am done with all of my justifications. Here's the link to my previous dinner post:

Jen's Falafel Pitas with Homemade Hummus

We are going to have some other veggie, since we just had carrots a few night ago. I think that is the only change I am making tonight. I am looking forward to an easy dinner night. Also, I have another package of Trader Joe's frozen, heat and serve naan bread. I love naan for pitas, and the Trader Joe's brand is really good.

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nick said...

We started making homemade hummus earlier this year and the results have obliterated their store-bought counterparts. It really is easy (so is falafel - though there are more steps) but there is no shame in cutting some corners sometimes when you're on a schedule.