July 2, 2009

One-Pan Whiskey Flavored Pork Chops

This is one of those meals that I keep forgetting about. I make so many new recipes that it is sometimes hard to get back to previous ones that we liked. We originally tried this recipe back in December, and we really thought it was yummy. I don't know why I don't think of this dish more often, because I remember eating the sauce right out of the pan! I think I need to go back through my blog, post by post, and re-introduce some of the dinners that I have inadvertently shelved. I am not sure what I am going to have with this meal for some side items, but I will make sure it is something that will help soak up the yummy, whiskey-spiked, sauce.

One-Pan Whiskey Flavored Pork Chops

Also, in re-reading my old post, I noticed that I did not have a photo. Apparently, my computer hiccuped and I lost the original pic. Ugh. I will make sure to take a new photo and re-review this dish, for tonight's dinner.

The Result:
I was right the first time...this recipe is delicious! The pan sauce is so savory and flavorful. Again, I think it was worthy enough to eat straight from the pan. There is not a strong alcohol flavor, and the whiskey just perfumes the dish. I let the whiskey reduce almost all the way out, so just the essence could be left behind in my pan. The last thing I want to do is serve my little boy a whiskey-soaked sauce, so I was pretty careful to make sure that the bulk of the whiskey cooked off. I am not big on whiskey itself, but in this application it is a perfect choice.

This dish is pretty easy, too. I just made sure I cooked this dish in a pan that could go in the oven as well (such as my Le Creuset Buffet Casserole pan). That way, I only had one pan to clean. I served my chop and gravy over some Jasmine rice. Jasmine rice has the perfect blend of both unique texture and flavor...I just love it! Also, I made some brussel sprouts...not my favorite veggie, but it went well with this dish. Overall, this is still a great recipe and a definite keeper. I just hope to remember it more often!!!

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Claire said...

I keep meaning to add a "favorite" tag to things we really like, so I can find them easier. If only I had some free time...