July 3, 2009

Cookout! (and PW's Hot Olive Artichoke Dip)

My In-Law's are coming over tonight for dinner and swimming, and we are having a good ol' fashioned cookout. We were going eat dinner with them yesterday, but we decided to change plans and invite them over tonight instead. (Having a cookout on a Thursday night is somehow not the same as having a cookout on a Friday or Saturday night.) So, we are having burgers and dogs on the grill, corn on the cob, some sort of cold salad (I am not sure what yet), and a dessert. I am also toying with the idea of making Pioneer Woman's Hot Olive Artichoke Dip. Yum! I will post any new recipes that I try later on. For now, I need to get my game plan together and figure out exactly what I am serving. I am really excited to relax and have some summertime favorites from the grill!

UPDATE: I did make the PW dip. It was awesome!!!

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